Do you buy from the public?

We don't often buy from the public! What we mean by that is that if you were to come into the store to offer us an item, we're most likely not going to buy. We do still go to other estate sales, and auctions to grow our collection- but unless it's something we CANNOT live without- we don't usually buy from the public!

Are there retails items?

Yes! We go through the same suppliers the owner's father did in his own collectible stores! 

Do you do consignment?

As of 2022, we do not do any consignment items. The majority of the store is the owner's parent's estate! We are constantly bringing in more of the parent's belongings (yes, even after five years!) We do continue to go to estate sales, and auctions to hunt for those perfect statement items!

Are your neon products real neon, or LED?

All of our neon products are made from real, GENUINE neon! We go through a few different supplies that still hand make our incredible neons. 

Are there any warranties/refunds/returns?

Unfortunately no! Due to the nature of the store we can not offer any returns or refunds, nor any warranties on our retail products. All sales are final. The second an item is paid for it's yours! 

Can you ship out neon signs?

At this point in time Timeless Treasures will NOT be shipping out junior or standard sized neons. It will be said in the titled and description if the neon won't be eligible for shipping. Our neon signs will be available for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. 

 Why should I purchase a *LOCAL PICKUP ONLY* item instead of having it shipped?

While most of our inventory is easily shippable, we do offer items that are bigger. At this point of time we cannot ship those tagged items out. Instead we offer local pickup. This item will be set aside, labeling that it has been sold.