About Timeless Treasures

Timeless Treasures is a shop with a truly unique history behind it. Located downtown Milford Michigan- the shop features incredible celebrity memorabilia, real neon products, vintage furniture, antiques, and much MUCH more! 

Timeless Treasures goes further back than just its storefront. The shop was comprised of an estate sale hosted by Dawn Melonio and her family. Most of the items in the store were Dawn's very own parents (Don and Patrica Linn). Although this is Dawn's very first store, she had worked alongside her parents for her entire life in their own collectible/firework stores. Dawn's parents made an incredible name for themselves with their booming collectible stores in the 90s called Johnny Lemas! Throughout the store of Timeless Treasures, you'll find some "lucky charms" that were also in the Linn's stores; such as our huge bronze boxer, Wurlitzer jukebox, life-size police officer statue, and more! Although Dawn's parents have since passed, their memory and LEGACY lives on through Timeless Treasures. 

Not only do we carry the amazing memorabilia passed down from the Linn's, we also go through the same suppliers as the father did in his stores! You might also catch the Melonio's attending other estate sales and auctions all across the state- handpicking more sensational products! We are very proud to honor both the Linn's and Melonio's family traditions here at Timeless Treasures.