What makes our store truly Timeless?

Although the physical store has only been around for nearly 5 years, Timeless Treasures' story goes back decades. When Dawn Melonio found an incredible storefront downtown Milford, Michigan to host her parents estate sale- her family's legacy soon unfolded.

When Don and Patrica Linn passed away they had left their daughter Dawn amazing treasures, most of which come with unbelievable memories. The Linn's lived an extraordinary life with all their collectible/firework stores, auction houses, and other business endeavors. Don was even coined the Beanie Baby King all around the WORLD! when his collectible store (Johnny Lemas) boomed throughout the 90s. Dawn has since turned the estate sale into a full-blown retail store!

Timeless Treasures is not only filled with celebrity memorabilia, neon signs, vintage furniture, and antiques from the Linn's estate- we still attend different estates and auctions all across Michigan! We also sell brand new products from the same suppliers the Linn's did in their own stores. The shop seems almost like a time capsule with the ever-changing memorabilia of all decades.

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  • -Gavin K.

    "Such a wonderful store! The employees are wonderful and very knowledgeable about what they sell! Any sports fan will love this place!

  • -Phyllis K.

    "A truly unique store with truly unique items. Each visit is met with excellent service, and they always have new merchandise. Customer service is excellent .

  • -Split R

    "This collectables store is amazing, the staff are all very very friendly and they have a lot of amazing autographs and collectables. I highly recommend this store if you are into collecting.